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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just For Fun...

Seeing how readers find the site is always interesting, and a great view into what's going on out there...

These are some of the actual search terms used by readers who found SHB this week.

1. "straw buyers definition mortgage fraud 2006"

2. "construction jobs trends sonoma county"

3. "california brokers say they are beginning to see a return of 'short sales'

4. "debtors anonymous meetings sonoma county"

5. "apartments converted to condos, rohnert park" (searched for by a large financial services company)

6. "false paystubs"

7. "latest housing bust news in sonoma county"

8. "incompetent real estate agent"

9. "complaints against coldwell banker for dual agency"

10. "fannie mae appraisal complaint"

11. "complaints standard pacific homes"

12. "care one credit counseling"

13. "sonoma county housing price drop"

14. "any address on encinas way in boyes hot springs california" (what were they looking for? foreclosures? because so many addresses have been on the foreclosure list on encinas its hard to believe the whole street isn't bankowned by now.)

15. "firemark lending felon"

16. "heard it on the grapevine"

17. "vintage greens residential homes at low prices california windsor"

18. "san bruno, condos, bubble" (searched by countrywide home loans)

19. "mcmansion electric"

20. "world option arm"


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