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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blog News Roundup

From around the blogsphere here is some great reading material well worth your time from some of the best sites with facts everyone should know:

Scary Lender Statistics (the mess greenspan made)

Debunking the Dismal Duo you know... those economists who put together the study claiming that properties were actually undervalued...

How much of a drop will we have? (marin real estate bubble)

Oops Banking Indecent Exposure (the housing bubble blog)

Say it Again Sam (america's over valued real estate)

Game Over (housing bubble casualty)

For Real Data on the bubble in NYC see the guys at Bubbletrack

BubbleMeter always has the pulse from all around the bubble

Sacramento has some folks having a hard landing read and learn... recently launched with a mission of identifying the best personal finance websites and blogs. We wish much success to them. Check them out here.

Exciting news from The Walk-Through!!!!

"Joseph and Avi Fox launched BuySide Realty today for residents of California, Florida and Illinois, where 22 percent of all homes are sold. It has the potential to be one more blow against the fixed-commission system so profitable to real estate agents."

"The new company assumes that buyers find their houses on the Web — or anywhere, for that matter, except directly from an agent. (Statistics from the National Association of Realtors say about two-thirds of buyers find their own home without an agent, though most use an agent to complete the deal.)"

"So BuySide is focused on changing the role of the buyer’s agent."

and finally my favorite reality parsers always have plenty of good reading material worth its weight in gold for the educational value...


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