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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Move Over Sims....Meet Mr. Landlord and Mr. Flipper!

Just when you thought the world of flippping couldn't get any weirder, two new products have come to this bloggers attention.
the Mr. Landlord advisor and his companion. Mr. Flipper, and I'm not talking dolphins here. I'm talking Mr. Flipper and Mr. Landlord opposed to amateur maybe? Sure, why wouldn't I trust my hard earned ..oops! most likely fradulently borrowed bucks to a freaking computer program.
Some quotes from some satisfied FBers...

"I'm a mortgage broker & real estate investor, and this software is exactly what I've been looking for. Your software will help me evaluate properties by showing me if I have a positive or negative cash flow."

Charles, San Diego, CA

Gee wonder how Charles in SD is doing now. Wonder if the program is gonna help him move all those vacant condos he bought with a Neg?AM IO loan? Ask him. He's probably up on the roof of one of those vacant towers with a rifle

"In my research, programs like this cost well over a hundred dollars so although I was impressed with the price, I was also skeptical about why it was so cheap. I downloaded the software to see how functional, easy to use and well written it was. Hours later (I became quite engrossed!), I was so impressed that I contacted the creator, negotiated a discount special for my newsletter subscribers and decided to endorse it as the product of the month."

Shannyn Flory
WayPoint Management Group Boise, ID

And of course who wouldn't trust some one who doesn't even know how to spell Shannon right.
Here's one of the cute little PDFS they include in the package. I'll bet those flippers wish these were the stats they were seeing every month instead of reality.


At 6/18/2006 11:07:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first I thought, "Whoa, they've really upped their Photoshop game over at SHB..." Now wait, this thing is for real!?! This bubble thing is sad in a way, but damn, I hope I'll learn the lesson and realize that the cheap entertainment, like the cheap money, are alas, like all good things.

At 6/19/2006 12:55:00 AM , Blogger moonvalley said...

Heh, no budget increase..this stuff is for real. We at SHB couldn't make this up..we wish we were that good.

At 6/19/2006 01:00:00 AM , Anonymous reskeptic said...

"20-year cash-flow analysis report"

20 years? Wow, that must be exceptional software to pull that off. They should really consider making a Lotto number generator.

At 6/19/2006 09:43:00 AM , Anonymous tom stone said...

the other part of the quote is "and two to take him" lovely stuff.

At 6/19/2006 11:35:00 AM , Blogger moonvalley said...

Interesting, when I dig into the Mud-Daubbers nest that is Mr. Landlord what sort of stuff surfaces. I'm been surfing around the names and backgrounds of some of the people quoted in regards to these products. One name that comes up is Scott Lamm who has great praise for Mr.'s a proceless quote from an article he authored called Caring People Buy More Properties
"I recently sold one of my properties to a young couple. They were so excited. It
was their first home. It became very obvious early on in our conversations that
they knew nothing about the process of buying their first home. Although I was
being careful to be extremely fair; explaining every step of the process, they had
no idea whether I was being fair or not because they had no point of reference
to draw from to make that determination. I had them find and hire a Realtor,
which I would pay, to represent them on their side of the transaction. Did I
have to do that; of course not. Was it the right thing to do? Yes. "

At 6/24/2006 12:43:00 PM , Anonymous Shannyn Flory said...

My name is Shannyn Flory, author of The Complete Landlord e-Guide and webmaster of In your original post, you display my quote regarding the Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer and then disregard it by suggesting that the misspelling of my name somehow invalidates my words. I just wanted to clarify that my name IS spelled correctly (with a "y" instead of an "o") and thankfully, Landlord was conscientious enough to publish it correctly.

Since the discovery of my name in your blog (a collegue brought it to my attention), I've been trying to determine what the point and purpose of your blog is and frankly, I'm confused. Your blog seems to reiterate the understanding that many people are losing their shirts in the current real estate market downturn. I think your stance is that you're not surprised and anyone who is at this point, is either ignorant or has been duped by some unscrupulous industry product provider. Further, you seem to feel that all the real estate investor tools out there are worthless. While that may be true in some instances, I don't it's true across the board.

I'm confused by your criticizm of the products provided by as I think they are the saving grace of amatuer investors. As a real estate agent and long term investor and property manager, I find the Cash Flow Analyzer products to be exceptional. In fact, I tell my amatuer investor clients that they should not purchase an investment property without doing the type of analysis that those programs provide. They come to me with dollar signs in their eyes just dying to get into the real estate market. They are oblivious to the downside. As I teach in my own book, getting educated on the realities of property ownership is what saves the amatuers from certain financial disaster, not to mention emotional distress. I have talked many people OUT of investing in real estate by explaining the risks and the essential need for financial wearwithall. I have also used the Cash Flow Analyzer software to illustrate the mediocrity of seemingly lucrative investments. It is one of the best tools I have come across in all my years as an investor.

While I understand your frustration with people taking advantage of amatuers in the real estate market, I think your comments about the Cash Flow Analyzer products are both unwarranted and irresponsible. It would add to your credibilty to do a little more research before posting irroneous information on the internet. Also, since you're acknowledging credibility issues when it comes to misspellings, you might want to do a spell check yourself before you post your own comments. Couldn't help but notice your typos.

One more thing. I don't understand your beef with Scott Lamm in your last post. The excerpt you quote sounds like the kind of person I'd like to come across in my real estate dealings.

You have me quite confused here...

At 6/24/2006 12:50:00 PM , Blogger Athena said...

Thanks for the post Shannyn. You have made a couple interesting points. However, the credibility challenge by typo pissing contest seems to be an equal opportunity event.

Perhaps your product is intended to help the amateurs keep their shirts, and it is admirable that you have talked people out of being foolish with their money. You are in the minority. Bubbles don't exist where there is a focus on economic fundamentals. So tell more of your colleagues about the importance of giving sound investment advice as it looks like their national and state representative organizations are preparting for a wave of class actions against their peeps.


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