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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Are You Searching For?

Some of the Real Search Terms Used by Sonoma Housing Bubble Readers in the last 10 days...

1. "housing affordability"

* In 2005 Only 7 percent of households could afford a median-priced home in Sonoma County at

* In 2004 12 percent could afford a median priced home

* In 2005 a Sonoma County household needed a minimum income of $152,595 to buy the typical home, based on prevailing interest rates for a 30-year mortgage.

* In 2004, the minimum income needed was $124,650.

For 2006 CAR adjusted the formula to attempt at giving the illusion that housing was affordable to more people. Really they just increased the % of income devoted to housing. Problem is average buyers already couldn't afford the housing prices using traditional lending standards.

A majority turned to interest-only and other adjustable-rate loans, often making little or no down payment when purchasing homes.

Percentage of home buyers choosing adjustable-rate mortgages in Sonoma County
2003 - 36.8%
2004 - 59.4%
2005 - 69%

2. "housing downturn"

3. "negative appreciation"

4. "decline in property values 20% depression"

5. "bank owned homes/soft sales"

6. "pinched homeowners turn to short sale"

7. "housing bubble living on credit cards"

8. "negative cash flow landlord"

9. "kb home" lays off

oops.... β€˜ Los Angeles-based KB Home, one of the largest U.S. homebuilders, on Wednesday cut its full-year profit forecast for the second time in three months, saying a more difficult housing market is causing orders to decline.’

β€˜The company said preliminary net orders declined 43 percent in the quarter to 5,989 units, and cancellation rates are increasing.’

10. "housing flip laws"

11. "housing flipper tracking"

12. "house flipper"

13. "realestate flipper scum"

14. "flippping realty"

15. "devoe investors support groups"

16. "i am an escrow officer looking to find out about short sales in california"

17. "cash back at closing mortgage fraud conviction"

18. "seller will give back 100k at close"

19. "wachovia loan exposure"

20. "subprime banks with itin"

21. "neg ams in california mortgage debt bubble"

22. "mortgage fraudster receives 87 months"

23. "truth about neg ams"

24. "mortgage loan modification"

25. "countrywide home loans" "false appraisal"

26."exotic mortgages" as a % of "outstanding mortgages"

27. "mortgage pyramid scheme"

28. "option arm scams"

29. "how do unethical lending companies make their money"

30. "fraud inflated sales price deed of trust"

31. "homedebtor"

32. "athena is snotty" (bwahahahaha! That one was my favorite)

33. "is there a housing bubble in sonoma county"

34. "falling home prices in sonoma., ca"

35. "housing bubble" sonoma county

36. "sonoma california housing realtors"

37. "sonoma county housing crash"

38. "sonoma county default sale"

39. "sonoma county outsourced job rate"

40. "sonoma county homes sold in the last 6 months"

41. "sonoma county real estate forecast"

42. "housing market aug 2006 sonoma calif"

43. "sonoma county job market"

44. "house inventory price"

45. "montini ranch sonoma reduced"

46. "cooling santa rosa california housing market"

47. "13400 saddle road problems glen ellen"

48. "petaluma housing bubble burst"

49. "sonoma foreclosures"

50. "ca housing bubble august"

51. "most unaffordable county in the united states" We aren't THE most unaffordable, yet. But we are the 3rd most unaffordable...

Here's the story

Another interesting recap

52. "neg am loan horror story"


At 9/06/2006 07:03:00 AM , Anonymous trailer trash said...

"negative appreciation"

A truly-great oxymoron!

It ranks right up there with "affordable housing."


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