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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year, Thank You!

Happy New Year and Thank You for reading and participating in the Sonoma Housing Bubble! It is because of the great emails and ideas from you all that has made blogging the insanity and unreality of Sonoma County's Bubble worthwhile and entertaining.

There are days when the news is so unbelievable and perspectives of the bought and paid for media (Press Democrat & Index Tribune) and the real estate industry and sellers are so obnoxious that it makes me want to bury my head, throw my hands up and accept this is the way of the world.

But great readers sending emails, sharing information, and having similar reactions to the insanity of this bubble has given me hope that as ordinary residents of this community we may do extraordinary things by caring enough to show up, pay attention, speak the truth and have just a little impact on this place we call home.

Thank you!

Athena & MoonValley


At 1/02/2007 01:48:00 PM , Anonymous ncbb said...

Thank you Athena for your fact based analysis of Sonoma County real estate. It's a shame all potential new buyers don't take a look at this site, and other contrarian sources. It seems that the only people that believe in outrageous home prices are those with a vested interest.
Bottom line- any potential buyers who have read, believed, and acted on those beliefs based on your time and research in the past year will have saved thousands, more likely tens of thousands of dollars. Great job, hopefully you saved a few folks from becoming fb's.


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